Reasons why you would love to work with Lyndsey:

You have an amazing network, it's people full of energy, passion, talent and ideas. If only you could connect them and they could collaborate, but you're just not sure how to get them there. 

You have an idea for a digital product, project or toolkit. If other communities or organisations shared and implemented your idea you'd make change and learn from each other - but how do you take that next step?

I specialised in knocking down the tech barriers and building bridges to get across those gaps. I don't do projects for you, I do them with you. If you have amazing people with energy, ideas and lessons that have been learnt and need to be shared, then I'm someone who you need to connect with. 

I've been a community builder working and volunteering with organisations across Australia for 20 years, and building web, CRM and digital strategies with not for profit and government organisations for almost 10. 

Strengthening communities and technology are my two passions, combining the two to make stronger communities, organisations and societies is my idea of bliss. 

"Technology, network and community building designed by acting local, and connecting global"

I'm on a mission to connect tech and non techs together to build ideas and community.

If you think this is the way we change the world, let's connect