I work with organisations and businesses that I am passionate about because I invest time and energy into my work. Meaning and making a difference is important to me.

I love technology because it allows me to continually learn new things. I love working with people with knowledge and absorbing their insights and understandings.

I am a people person, I have the ability to talk with, understand and connect with just about anyone. I'm an effective leader because I work with people on their strengths, trust the expertise and insights of people I work with, and provide constructive criticism kindly and therefore effectively.

Work History

My work history is a mix of technology and community consulting. I've always stepped outside of the box in order to learn more. I've been active in programs involving young people, people from rural communities, Indigenous communities, and organisations of all shapes and sizes. 

Freelancer, lyndseyjackson.com.au August 2016- Current

Currently I'm inspired by networked, resource, feature and knowledge sharing communities. Because I can build in open source, I not only provide the "what", I also provide the "how", and because I'm used to working with organisations with limited resources I am incredibly budget sensitive. My recent design is for a series of networked regional chamber of commerce hubs. 


NotMyDebt was a remote social-hackathon style project. Initiated on December 30 with a live site on January 1, and the biggest news story of 2017 by January 2. Within the space of a couple of two months, using remote volunteers I:

  • Built an idea into a national movement with a Drupal website managed by (previously) non-technical volunteers featuring hundreds of news stories, and over 470 contributor stories
  • Built a sophisticated campaign and social media strategy and actions (facebook and twitter) with volunteer participants
  • Participated in a number of key national network groups, and
  • Built a community groundswell that forced a move for a Senate Inquiry on the second sitting day in 2017.

The project has had a specific focus on training women to use technology, and an unexpected (although not unsurprising) attraction from women in rural communities. Approximately 20 people have been involved in the core functions of the group and website, with an extended network of 200 that have provided inputs at some point throughout the project, be it expertise, content, copyediting, graphic design, technical input and strategy. 

Kalgoorlie Young Leaders

Before NotMyDebt there was Kalgoorlie Young Leaders. Also initiated through social media after watching a conference talk from Fiona Stanley.

Supporting Kalgoorlie Woman Rebecca Brooks who was running a two week Youth Summit and Conference for young Indigenous people.

To support the on the ground action I:

  • Initiated a remote web build in Drupal 8, the build took 2.5 weeks as the conference took place.
  • Built the site with another developer partner using a mix of technical and non-technical volunteers, again engaging non-technical people from rural Australia.
  • We worked remotely with local young marketers on design and media strategy and incorporated this into the website build.

Symbolically I wanted young Indigenous people to be aware that they were being supported to realise their hopes and dreams, and to see technology as a way to broaden their conversations and community.

There is opportunity to expand this approach and network together these types of groups driven by young people, and to potentially provide a level of sustainability and technical usefulness that many Youth Advisory Committees (for example) have struggled with. 

Operations Manager, Energetica, NSW  2013-2016
Project Manager, Energetica, NSW  2008-2015

Energetica was a boutique, niche business that served not for profit and government organisations. I loved working with organisations that were making a difference, because by helping them to use technology better I felt like I was contributing to a better world too. 

Over the years I worked on over 100 sites for 50 not for profit, government and charity customers across Australia. From 2008-2013 the company has a Joomla! focus, transitioning to Drupal in 2013.

Organisational & management:

  • In a small business you wear many hats, and I'm comfortable wearing a lot and juggling a lot. Over the years I was given increasingly more responsibility and trust.
  • I had input on budget and management decisions, including reporting requirements and resource allocation
  • Staffing responsibilities, including hiring and management of external contractors
  • Attendance and chairing of internal meetings and organisational operation meetings

Project Management:

  • Project management and resource allocation for multiple projects at any one time
  • Oversite of all organisational web projects, including whole of operation oversite on budget, resource allocation and timeline management
  • Training of customers and staff on website, project management portals, internal systems and social media management
  • Crisis management and alternate plan-b (or c) delivery - I excel in a crisis, I remain calm, can strategies and manage the team and customer to a safe and happy landing
  • Creating wireframes, UX design, developing and managing design brief and design iterations with customers and designers
  • I am passionate about WCAG accessibility and helping customers, team members and developers understand issues and implementation from design and organisational assets to developer implementation and modifications in Drupal

People Management

  • I'm a people person! Working with not for profits on technology project involves understanding their organisation and their outcomes and articulating it back into a system design and web build. Their resources are scarce and web projects are important to their forward operation, I excelled in ensuring delivery that met their expectations
  • I was responsible for the management of the production team, this could mean anything from providing much needed pep, handling the existential crisis of developers and rallying the team when the chips were down and the deadline was looming
  • I was responsible for customer management during project delivery, this could mean anything from providing much needed pep, handling the existential crisis of stakeholders, and rallying the customer when the chips were down and the deadline was looming
  • I'm a fantastic trainer, and enjoy supporting non technical people to understand and love applications, be it a CMS like Drupal, or web tools like Canva, Pixlr or a project management portal


  • I'm a technically proficient Drupal 7 (have begun dabbling in 8) and Joomla! site builder
  • I have CSS skills and some SASS and HTML skills
  • I understand technical detail and complication, importantly I know the language and how to translate between technical and non-technical - trust me this is a valuable skill that can save time, money and tears!
  • I've always worked with tech leads on product design and technical requirements - how to configure to best meet the needs of not for profits (customers) and stay within project scope and budget
  • WCAG accessibility testing and development application

Project highlights

Project and Research Consultant, Bank of IDEAS (Initiatives for the Development of Enterprising Actions and Strategies), WA, 2005-2007

Before I was technology I was community. The Bank of IDEAS is run by Peter Kenyon - if you work in community development, especially rural and you don't know him look him up. He is the most passionate, energetic person I have ever worked with - and committed to making an impact. Working with Peter for two years is like fitting in a five year apprenticeship. Unfortunately I had to leave Perth for South Australia. 

Bank of IDEAS is a Perth based consulting organisation specialising in asset based community development, youth, rural community and enterprise development.

Duties included:

  • Research and program development for community, enterprise (including social enterprise) and educational programs.
  • Coordination of education based programs within 20 sites in rural Western Australia.
  • Building and maintaining networks and partnerships with Government agencies, private sector, educational institutions and community organisations at a senior level.
  • Planning and execution of National, State and local conferences, events and workshops.
  • Workshop and conference presentation at local and national conferences.
  • Researching and advising on community engagement strategies and best practice from within Australia and internationally.
  • Community consultation and engagement.

Founding Manager, Lead On Kalamunda, WA, 2006-2007

(Later known as Youth Action Kalamunda) A community driven youth organisation.

Duties included:

  • Management of the establishment of this new organisation, including (but not limited to) early planning, network development, capacity building, community engagement, youth engagement, business and financial development, communication planning, and the development of policy and systems for ongoing organisational management.
  • Working with a board to establish strategic visioning and ongoing financial, grant  and organisational sustainability strategies. Reporting to the board on organisational progress and operations.
  • Developing community, corporate, educational, government and organisational partnerships to support the work of the organisation.
  • Attracting, retaining and managing the involvement of 100 local young people in organisational management and programs.


Bachelor of Sustainable Development (Arts), Murdoch University, WA, completed 2009

Studies focused on community engagement and development. Additional areas of focus included technology, project and policy development, deliberative democracy, communication, and regional and global sustainability and developmental (including urban design and development) issues.

Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility – University of South Australia, 2013

I am passionate about web accessibility - it's important - it's a rights issue!

Community Experience

Over 15 years of hands on volunteer and community participation in rural South Australia, Adelaide and Perth, including working with young people and Indigenous and rural communities.

Roles within South Australia and Western Australia have included;

  • Progress association executive committee member for multiple groups;
  • Representative member of regional council community group committees;
  • Development and promotion of various community groups;
  • Participation at local meetings and regional conferences;
  • Facilitator for small and large (up to 500 people) community meetings using a variety of facilitation and deliberative democracy techniques;
  • Liaising with local Government, State Government and business owners;
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation;
  • Advising on campaigning strategies;
  • Media and communication advisor including, developing promotional material, and interviews with radio, television and print media; and
  • Working with and engaging with people from Indigenous people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


Research, interviews and case study writing for:

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (2005) Building the Future Through Enterprise: stories of successful Indigenous enterprises and entrepreneurs. Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, Canberra.

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (2005) A Guide to Available Resources and Services Designed to Assist Indigenous Enterprise Development. Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, Canberra.

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (2005) Exploring the Future Through Enterprise: examples of Indigenous organisations taking the risk and embarking on the enterprising journey. Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, Canberra.

Conference and workshop presentation

ICT and Web 2.0 Communication Strategies – Two day workshops developed and delivered for the Municipal Association of Victoria. September 2009.

ABCD Asia Pacific Network Conference - An Asset Based Community Development conference held in NSW. Workshop presentation entitled – ICT and Web 2.0 Strategies for Community Engagement. December 2008.

Planning For and By People, ABCD Network Conference – A national Asset Based Community Development conference held in Victoria. Workshop presentation entitled - New Creativity in Engaging Young People’s Interest in Community Issues and Civic Action.  November 2006.

Federal DEST (Department of Education, Science and Training) conference - Brisbane - presentation about the CREATE (Creating Rural Enterprising Attitudes Through Education) Program (a 21st Century school based programs example). October 2006.

Kalgoorlie (WA) Youth Week Conference – Young People are an Essential Ingredient in Community, keynote presenter. April 2006.


Australia 2020 Summit Participant – participant in the stream 'Strengthening Communities, Supporting Families and Social Inclusion'. April 2008.